Stanley Oven Cleaner - 14 oz

SKU#: STA3354


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Product Description

The Stanley Oven Cleaner is one of Stanley’s best sellers, and for good reasons! Like nothing else on the market, this powerful cleaning product has advanced-action, self-scouring foam that will easily cut through the toughest grease, spatters, and spills in your home. Use the Oven Cleaner on both warm and cold ovens as well as broilers, stove tops, baking dishes, and barbeque grills. Get the Stanley Oven Cleaner and discover the intense cleaning power and high-performance results this product will bring to your home.

  • Easily cuts through tough grease, spatters, and spills like nothing else on the market
  • Advanced-action, self-scouring foam formula
  • Works on warm & cold ovens, broilers, stove tops, and more

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