Stanley Multi-Surface Concentrate

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Product Description

Stanley Home Products works to provide affordable, high quality items to keep your home in its best condition. The Multi-Surface Concentrate is perfect for both light and heavy-duty cleaning. This tough ammonia-powered formula is four times as concentrated as normal cleaners, making it the ideal choice to clean up the heaviest messes quickly. You get more for your money with Stanley's cost effective 32 fl. oz. bottle size. When mixed, one bottle can make anywhere from 32 to 64 gallons of cleaning solution depending on the solution strength you need. Safe to use on any hard, non-porous surface in your home. Cuts out mess from bathroom and kitchen fixtures, window sills, counters, doors and more. You can even use it in septic tanks. Stanley Home Products use only the best ingredients, creating a biodegradable and phosphate-free cleaner safe to use around the home.

  • Stanley Home Products provide quality cleaners that are safe, fast and effective
  • The Multi-Surface cleaner is significantly concentrated with a strong ammonia-powered formula
  • Cost effective cleaning solution makes anywhere from 32-64 gallons when mixed
  • Works on any hard surface, including windowsills, kitchen counters, outdoor furniture, etc.
  • Septic tank safe, biodegradable and phosphate-free
  • Comes in a large 32 fl. oz. bottle

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