Stanley Fiesta Floor Cleaner Concentrate

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Product Description

Stanley Home Products provides powerful cleaners to maintain the best condition possible for your home. Fiesta Floor Cleaner is a safe, fresh-smelling way to keep your floors in top shape. Formula is concentrated for more uses and doesn't require rinsing, saving you money and time. The solution won't harm wax or shine and is safe to use on most types of hard floors including vinyl, linoleum, sealed wood, ceramic, tile, marble, granite, mosaic and even more. Brings out the fresh citrus scent also found in the Fiesta HomeScents fragrance. Ingredients are biodegradable, phosphate-free and won't harm septic systems. Comes in a hefty 24 fl. oz bottle.

  • Stanley Home Products provide quality cleaners that are safe, fast and effective
  • Fiesta Floor Cleaner's no-rinse, concentrated formula saves on time and money
  • Doesn't harm wax or shine on floors
  • Works with a number of hard-surface flooring, including sealed wood, mosaic, tile, linoleum and more
  • Comes in the fresh citrus scent found in the Fiesta HomeScents air freshener
  • Biodegradable, phosphate-free, septic system friendly
  • Provided in a 24 fl. oz. bottle

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