Fuller Brush Toilet Bowl Brush Holder

SKU#: FB471


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Product Description

The Fuller Brush Toilet Bowl Brush Holder is the perfect companion for your favorite Fuller Brush toilet bowl brush. This sleek, stylish holder looks elegant in any bathroom, and is designed to extend the life of your bowl brush. Save your bathroom floor from wet spots, prevent mildew on your toilet bowl brush, and enhance your bathroom style, with the Fuller Brush Toilet Bowl Brush Holder.

  • Sleek, elegant brush holder is designed for use with any Fuller Brush toilet bowl brush
  • Open-back design helps toilet bowl brushes dry more quickly, preventing mildew
  • Sturdy plastic easily rinses clean, and attractive design complements any bathroom style
  • Designed to fit the Slender Bowl Brush, Toilet Bowl Swab, or Bent Tip Bowl Brush

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