Fuller Brush Super Size Tube Brush

SKU#: FB396


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Product Description

Thought it was impossible to clean those built-in straws in water bottles? Fuller Brush has a brush that can do the job! The Fuller Brush Super Size Tube Brush has bristles made of durable polyester material that can reach into hard-to-clean spaces. The slim brush makes it easy to clean openings in percolators, bottles with built-in straws, aquariums, slim flower vases, teapot spouts, and more. Take care of all of your cleaning with help from Fuller Brush!

  • Fuller Brush has a solution for all of your difficult cleaning tasks
  • Super Size Tube Brush cleans slim objects like slim vases, built-in straws, funnels, and more
  • Brush features a thin wire body with durable polyester bristles

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