Fuller Brush Potato Peeler (1x)

SKU#: FB55019


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Product Description

Since 1906 Fuller Brush Co. has been a trusted name in quality home care products. The Fuller kitchenware line provides stylish yet functional items to bring out the chef in us all. The tedious task of peeling potatoes and produce is infinitely easier with the Fuller Brush Potato Peeler. Peel without the fear of slipping or accidental injury, the easy-to-grip black handle makes it easy to control all of your movements. The ceramic blade is lightweight and made to maintain sharpness longer than steel, allowing you to easily peel away layers without tiring your hands. Skin potatoes and produce effortlessly using a Fuller Potato Peeler

  • Fuller Brush provides stylish and functional kitchenware for every home
  • The Potato Peeler features a black easy-to-grip handle and white peeling blade
  • Blade is made from zirconium oxide, a ceramic material with long-lasting sharpness
  • Peeler is lightweight to prevent hands from tiring easily

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