Fuller Brush Mini Maid Hand Vac



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Product Description

Don't let the size of this vacuum fool you! The Fuller Brush Mini Maid handheld vacuum may be small in stature, but it has a big boost of cleaning power. The Mini Maid is perfect for cleaning up after pets and can get into tiny spaces to easily clean them. With the Fuller Brush Mini Maid, no dust bunny can hide and no nook or cranny will ever again have to be neglected. This vacuum has a tool to tackle every tiny task. The Mini Maid comes with a flexible attachment hose and 3 tools to make sure your job is complete. The upholstery brush, dusting brush, and crevice tool will all ensure that even the smallest parts of your home get cleaned thoroughly. The Mini Maid is powered by a 600 Watt motor and 15 foot cord, so you can tackle fast cleanups anywhere. For your convenience, the Fuller Brush Mini Maid has an ergonomic handle and quick-release dust cup with washable filter. The Mini Maid is a convenient handheld vacuum that packs a lot of cleaning power in a small, easy-to-carry piece of equipment. With its flexible hose and 3 handy tools, this vacuum will be your faithful servant for all of your quick cleanups and detailed housework. For more than 100 years, the Fuller Brush Company has been dedicated to providing its customers with reliable cleaning solutions for the home. Now, the Fuller Brush Company is introducing a full line of vacuums that are built tough to serve you and your home for years. No matter where you live, what lifestyle you have, or how your home is furnished, there’s a Fuller Brush vacuum that will perfectly suit your needs. If you want your next vacuum to last for years and provide maximum results, trust the Fuller Brush Company when making your selection.

  • Handheld vacuum with a big boost of cleaning power to tackle quick cleanups
  • Flexible hose and 3 attachment tools ensure a thorough job in every small space
  • 600 Watt motor and 15 foot cord let you handle jobs anywhere with a power source
  • Ergonomic handle and quick-release dust cup with washable filter for your convenience

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