Fuller Brush Clothes Dryer Vent Brush

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Product Description

We all know the problems of not cleaning your clothes dryer - clothes take longer to dry, wasting time and electricity, and more importantly, there is a real and serious danger of fire. There are three separate areas on your dryer you should clean - the vent, the screen, and the hose. The Clothes Dryer Vent Brush is the easy way to keep your clothes dryer vent clean and free of debris, allowing you to safely use your dryer without worry.

  • Brush effectively removes dryer lint build-up and debris from the dryer vent
  • Reduces the risk of fires and carbon monoxide poisoning due to lint build-up
  • Prolongs the life of your dryer by allowing it to run cleanly
  • Saves time and energy costs by increasing the efficiency of your dryer
  • Soft, resilient polyester bristles won't scratch or damage surfaces
  • Flexible wire brush conforms to irregular shapes, easily reaching all areas of the vent
  • Also works great to clean dirt and lint from underneath the dryer
  • Durable plastic handle features a handy hang-up hole for easy storage

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