Fuller Brush Ceramic Knife Block Set

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Product Description

This Fuller Brush ceramic knife set includes three conveniently sized knives and a sleek storage block for safekeeping. Since 1906 Fuller Brush Co. has been a trusted name in quality home care products. The Fuller kitchenware line provides stylish yet functional items to bring out the chef in us all. Each knife has a black comfort handle and white ceramic blade. The 4" Parer knife is sized for delicate, detailed work and peeling fruits or vegetables. A 5" Utility or "Sandwich" knife can be used on larger vegetables and sandwich meats. The largest knife in the set is the 6" Chef, a multipurpose tool for chopping, slicing, and mincing. The special blades are made from ceramic material with a hardness just below that of diamond. Unlike steel, these knives won't rust or leave a metallic taste on food. They maintain a sharp edge longer and can go years without being sharpened. Because ceramic is less porous, they are more sanitary and won't transfer taste or odor from one food to another when cutting multiple items. Each knife is lightweight to decrease hand fatigue. Experience the convenience and longevity of a ceramic knife set with Fuller.

  • Fuller Brush provides stylish and functional kitchenware for every home
  • Ceramic Knife Block Set includes three black-handled knives and a sleek silver storage block
  • 4" Parer, 5" Utility, and 6" Chef knifes designed for slicing fruits, vegetables, and boneless meat
  • The ceramic blade hardness is second only to diamond and maintains its sharpness for years
  • Ceramic blades are sanitary, won't rust, or transfer odor and taste between foods
  • Lightweight design makes it easier to complete tasks without tiring your hands

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