Fuller Brush 6 Inch Chef Knife

SKU#: FB55015


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Product Description

Since 1906 Fuller Brush Co. has been a trusted name in quality home care products. The Fuller kitchenware line provides stylish yet functional items to bring out the chef in us all. The Chef Knife features a black comfort handle for easy handling and control. A 6 Inch ceramic blade is made from superior material that can maintain its sharp edge for years. It is designed to be multipurpose for precise slicing, dicing, and mincing of fruits, vegetables, and boneless meats. Its lightweight nature makes it ideal for detailed kitchen tasks that would otherwise tire hands easily. The 6 Inch Fuller Brush Chef Knife is a valuable cutting tool to have handy in the kitchen while preparing meals.

  • Fuller Brush provides stylish and functional kitchenware for every home
  • The Chef Knife features a black comfort handle for easy use and control
  • 6 inch hard ceramic blade maintains a sharp edge for years of effective use
  • Ceramic won't rust or transfer taste and odor from one food to another
  • Knife is lightweight to prevent hands from cramping after prolonged use

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