Fuller Brush Hyperox Carpet & Fabric Spotter - 22 oz

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Product Description

HyperOx Carpet & Fabric Spotter is a fast-acting stain remover that visibly removes stains instantly. It is safe for most types of carpet and fabrics and removes a variety of stains, quickly working without the toxic chemicals found in traditional cleaners. HyperOx Carpet & Fabric Spotter easily removes countless stains, even old, set-in stains. It works wonders on food, dirt, grass, coffee, tea, juice, ink, and pet stains, plus many more. It works quickly to visibly remove stains instantly. This powerful formula uses biodegradable surfactants and hydrogen peroxide foam to penetrate the stain, then powerful activated oxygen dissolves the stain away. These exclusive ingredients provide effective, safe cleaning without the toxicity and environmental concerns of traditional cleaners and stain removers. HyperOx Carpet & Fabric Spotter works on most types of carpet, fabric, and upholstery, including cotton, nylon and polyester. It can also be used on stains on most hard, non-porous surfaces, including countertops, tables, chairs, walls, and floors. For instant results on even your toughest stains, use HyperOx Carpet & Fabric Spotter to knock out stains right before your eyes.

  • Powerful cleaning formula is designed for carpets and fabrics
  • Hydrogen peroxide and active oxygen knock out stains with a 1-2 punch
  • Exclusive ingredients provide effective cleaning without toxic chemicals
  • Fast-acting formula works quickly for instant "on the spot" results
  • Removes countless stains, including food, dirt, grass, coffee, juice, and pet stains
  • Biodegradable formula is safer than traditional stain removers
  • Safe for most types of carpet and fabrics

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